The Comprehensive Guide to a Person's Driving Forces

How to leverage what drives a person in everything they do

Understanding what motivates a person doesn't have to be hard

    • In order to work effectively with the people around you, you must have a clear understanding of the “why” behind what they do. Commonly known as motivation or passion, there are hundreds of motivational constructs that do only part of the work. People are significantly more complex than 3 or 5 motivating factors.
    • But you don’t have to be a psychologist or doctoral student to be successful in identifying an individual’s motivation. TTI Success Insights has put together this guide to help get beginners to understand the nuances of driving forces in a person’s life.
    • This comprehensive guide shows you the 12 driving forces that make a person get out of bed excited for the day. Each of the 12 driving forces reflect a hidden motivator that energizes a person to tackle his or her career with enthusiasm and ambition. And now, it has been defined for you in this one easy-to-understand guide.

What's inside?

  • "What are Driving Forces?" beginner's guide
  • The reasons why driving forces are critical to success
  • 6 categories of motivation
  • Dozens of tips, tools and ways to begin

TAKE A PEEK INSIDE this interactive guide:

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